I don't have a lot of actual pain, but I do have discomfort in knees, hips & back. I take at bedtime, and I'm good to go when wake up & throughout most of the day.

"Puppy Lover", Maryland (drugstore.com review)

I like the fact that it is natural and really works!

"Shane", Illinois

I am very impressed with this pain reliever. It does a good job of keeping minor aches and pains at bay by itself. For tougher pain I can't avoid taking an NSAID, but this product does seem to make the NSAID's effects last longer so I don't need to take it as frequently. And the chewable tablet is so very easy to take. It tastes like pineapple because it's made from pineapple. Highly, highly recommended.

"Refreshed", USA (drugstore.com review)

Took three of your NatuRelief for Women today . . . and my cramping / bloating are down significantly! Thanks for such a great product!

Facebook Review

They helped me and they helped my mom who was about to have knee replacement and she couldn't take prescribed or over-the-counter drugs... They're minty and all-natural.

"J. Zuniga", USA (amazon.com review)
NatuRelief NatuRelief

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